What is Hard Rooster Brewing Co.?

What is Hard Rooster Brewing Co.?

A lot of Cronk's fans and site visitors often ask, what is Hard Rooster Brewing Co.? How is it affiliated with Cronk's? Is it a real brewing company? 

This article is meant to highlight just exactly what the Hard Rooster brand is, how it came to be, and finally, whether or not this brand has the backing of a real brewery.

Hard Rooster Brewing Co. was created as a brand extension of Cronk's USA to create a collection of apparel centered around social gatherings.

The apparel is meant to identify with the raunchiness of its namesake and stand out in the crowd with its bright colors and poignant rooster logo. A fan-favorite amongst Austin party-goers taking in the 6th and Rainey Street nightlife, the apparel exists to reflect and capture those social experiences. 

The question at hand...is it a real brewing company? 

Well, no. Hard Rooster Brewing Co. is simply an apparel collection. But, consuming adult beverages time to time while sporting the apparel is certainly encouraged. Drink responsibly.

-Cronk's USA


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